Faedah Solutions are now an authorised reseller and support agent for REA Verifier products, the quality control devices for matrix and barcodes.

We are able to supply these products on a sales only basis or as part of a full installation along side our Check Sure® range of products.

Our team is trained and experienced in all aspects of the initial setup and ongoing support and service of these products.

REA VeriCube

The REA VeriCube is a state-of-the-art matrix and barcode verification device which can be used across all industry sectors. Whether lying, standing or from top to bottom, virtually any test sample can be measured in the optimum measuring position.

REA Verimax Inline

Flagship verification device for use in all industries with highly flexible integration options.

REA ScanCheck 3

The REA ScanCheck 3 is a universal, battery-operated, high-performance bar code verification device for 1D barcode types.

The measurement principle is based on a laser scanner optimized for verifications. This makes contact-free measurement, largely independent of handling influences, possible. For mobile use on site, the device operates self-sufficiently, independent of the power network with standard, rechargeable batteries. The operating system and application software support multiple languages.

For quick creation and evaluation of verifications and their comprehensive display, the unit is equipped with a powerful 32-bit processor, a brilliant color graphic saved display and tone generator. Measurement data can be saved internally in flash memory and/or immediately printed out via the USB interface with the mobile report printer. Data can also be transferred via network communication to a standard PC and processed there further with the – optionally available – REA TransWin 32 evaluation software.

REA Check ER

The REA Check ER is a portable, battery powered bar code Verifier for 1D barcode types.

The REA Check ER has the following unique features:

  • Compact design
  • Built-in battery for portable opration
  • Cable free in portable operation
  • Large colour display
  • Built in memory for up to 1000 reports
  • USB interface to connect portable printer
  • Reliable Ethernet communication for PC interface
  • DHCP automatic network configuration


The REA Check ER is a combination of a very small device which includes the powerful and comfort features of the REA VERIFIER product line. The small size and solid State contruction makes this device a perfect tool for portable bar code verification.

The final result Pass or Fail is the central part of the Verification report. The still quick available details allow a fast deeper analysis.

REA VeriMax Mobile

The REA VeriMax Mobile is configured for mobile use in production, laboratory, incoming goods and quality assurance.

The offline verification device is suitable for measurements of samples and comes with its own tablet PC. It verifies the quality of 1D/2D codes to ensure that regulatory quality specifications as well as user specifications are met.

Trans 32 Software

The Trans 32 software allows the unit to be connected to a PC and the result information to be viewed.

Final statements “Pass“ or “Fail“ are central display elements and enable an immediate result. The simultaneously displayed details allow for an immediate and exact barcode quality analysis.

Thanks to the graphical display of the measurement results different measurement aspects can be recognized and assessed quickly and reliably. The display is optimized for easy understanding of the meaning of the measurement results.

If required, evaluation reports are automatically saved and supplemented with a job number in the file name.