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No matter what you are producing, packing or printing, Faedah Solutions has a system to benefit you.

“In the age of digitisation and the move towards a paperless manufacturing environment, Faedah Solutions offers cost-effective data capture solutions tailored to your needs. 

Enhance your manufacturing process by centrally controlling line printers, eliminating manual setups and potential errors. Ensure the right product is packaged by scanning barcodes and leverage advanced vision systems for in-line quality checks and digital data capture.

A Solution To Production Bottlenecks

Are you utilizing automated pallet feeds in your manufacturing lines? Experiencing downtime due to damaged pallets disrupting the workflow? Are your key personnel constantly inspecting pallet conditions? 

Consider integrating a vision system to automate these tasks. This digitisation will:

  1. Accelerate the operation
  2. Free up critical resources
  3. Prevent damaged pallets from entering the system
If you need confirmation of “Good” pallets leaving your site, install a vision inspection system to confirm the stock is acceptable to ship.