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About Check Sure®

The Check Sure family of software solutions was developed with a keen eye towards the latest technological innovations, ensuring that the system remains relevant and effective for years to come. Running smoothly on any web-enabled device and freeing you from the need to invest in expensive, proprietary hardware.

Check Sure can start with a single unit for smaller SME’s that expands as you grow, through to multiple connections for larger enterprises with multiple lines over multiple sites. Developed using the latest technology the system is not only relevant today, but will remain so for many years to come.

Autocoding In Line

This product is a label and date code verification system, designed for manufacturing environments. It integrates with factory systems, offers real-time verification, and operates both on fixed terminals and mobile tablets.

Autocoding Perception

Check Sure Perception is a system that uses OCR and barcode scanning for packaging verification. It's ideal for non-automated lines, offering mobile deployment and features like allergen checks and label verification

Autocoding Scanning

A cost-effective packaging verification solution, this product seamlessly integrates with scanners to validate barcodes and date codes, ensuring production accuracy.

CI: Continuous Improvement

A mobile data logging system for real-time data collection and analysis, suitable for CI/Process teams. It features customizable dashboards and supports both live and historical data.


Supporting paperless quality checks in production, Check Sure Paperless assists in enhancing operational efficiency and compliance. It's device-agnostic, supports various checks, and can integrate with other systems.