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Check Sure® Autocoding – Perception revolutionises label and date code verification through its advanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and barcode scanning technology.

This fully mobile system is designed to cater to a variety of production environments, especially those without automated lines or the capital for full in-line systems. It ensures the use of correct packaging and date codes across multiple lines, making it an indispensable tool for businesses that prioritise accuracy and compliance in their packaging processes.

Advanced OCR and Barcode Scanning:

Check Sure® Autocoding – Perception leverages the power of OCR to accurately read date codes and barcode scanning for label verification. This dual approach ensures comprehensive coverage of packaging and labelling requirements.

Date Code Confirmation:

The system calculates the required date code based on the product’s production date and verifies it against the actual date code printed on the packaging. This feature includes capturing and storing images of the date codes for future reference and reporting.

Flexibility in Date Code Setting:

The system can adapt to current site practices by setting the date code based on raw material barcodes, such as a kill date for meat and poultry products, enhancing its flexibility and applicability.

Barcode Validation for Correct Packaging:

Incorrect labelling is a major cause of product withdrawals. Check Sure® Autocoding – Perception addresses this by validating packaging labels against a database, ensuring compliance with legal and safety standards, including those mandated by Natasha’s Law.

Allergen Checks:

The system can scan and analyse ingredient lists for allergen declarations, comparing them against database records to ensure accuracy. This feature is critical for preventing allergic reactions and avoiding costly product recalls.

Mobility and Flexibility:

Deployed on a tablet, the system offers mobility and flexibility, functioning independently of a network connection and syncing with a central database as needed. This makes it suitable for any site size, ensuring robust packaging, date code, and allergen checks.

10 Key Features:

  1. OCR Technology: Utilises Optical Character Recognition for accurate date code reading.
  2. Barcode Scanning: Verifies labels and packaging through comprehensive barcode scanning.
  3. Mobile Verification System: Fully mobile system for flexible, on-site verification.
  4. Date Code Accuracy: Automatically calculates and verifies date codes against packaging.
  5. Image Capture: Stores images of date codes for accountability and reporting.
  6. Adaptable Date Settings: Sets date codes based on raw material barcodes for industry-specific needs.
  7. Label Validation: Ensures correct packaging to prevent legal and safety issues.
  8. Allergen Detection: Checks and matches allergen declarations against product database.
  9. Tablet Deployment: Operates on a tablet for ease of use and mobility across the site.
  10. Offline Operation with Sync Capability: Functions without a network, syncing data to a central database for record-keeping.


Check Sure® Autocoding – Perception is a groundbreaking solution for businesses seeking a reliable, efficient, and mobile system for packaging and labelling verification. Its sophisticated OCR and barcode scanning technology, combined with its flexibility and comprehensive coverage of crucial checks, make it an essential tool for maintaining compliance, ensuring product safety, and avoiding costly errors in the packaging process.