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Check Sure®

CI: Continuous Improvement

Embark on a journey towards informed decision-making and optimized investment with Check Sure® CI, a revolutionary mobile data logging system designed to cater to your data collection and analysis needs wherever they arise.

Whether you’re contemplating new equipment investments or aiming to enhance your current processes, Check Sure® CI ensures you navigate through these decisions with data-driven confidence.

Seamless Data Collection and Analysis

Check Sure® CI, standing for Continuous Improvement, is not just a data capture system but a versatile tool that can be either mobile or permanently installed. It effortlessly connects to various device triggers and signals, ensuring the precise capture of essential site data, such as packs per minute, temperatures, pH levels, and energy monitoring, among others.

Portability Meets Flexibility

Ideal for CI/Process teams, this portable system eliminates the need to manually monitor processes, allowing teams to gather real-time data to validate process parameters and conduct line studies without being tethered to a location. The system can be relocated and connected to different devices or pre-installed triggers/sensors as per the site team’s requirements.

Customizable Dashboard Displays

Offering pre-defined yet configurable dashboard screens, Check Sure® CI provides a visual representation of your data through line or bar graphs, accessible via mobile tablets, PCs, or large display screens. Users can view both “Live” and historical data as per their needs, ensuring that relevant insights are always at their fingertips.

In-Situ Installation for Live Feedback

When installed in situ, Check Sure® CI provides live data, offering immediate feedback to operators. Moreover, it can display PDF or video work instructions, facilitating on-the-line training and ensuring that your team is always equipped with the knowledge they need.

Flexible Rental and Consultancy Services

Faedah Solutions extends the flexibility of either renting Check Sure® CI for a specific period or utilising our on-site consultancy service. Our team can visit your facility, connect the system to the required area, evaluate the data, and provide a comprehensive report based on the gathered data, ensuring that your CAPEX requirements or efficiency improvements are always data-backed.

10 Key Features:

  1. Collect data from various sources
  2. Use Check Sure® CI on-the-go or install it permanently at a location.
  3. Real-Time Data Gathering
  4. Customizable Dashboards
  5. Access data via different devices, including tablets, PCs, and large screens.
  6. Live and Historical Data Viewing
  7. Get immediate feedback from live data when installed in situ.
  8. Display PDF or video work instructions for on-site training.
  9. An option to rent for the duration of your improvement project
  10. On site consultancy support available